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Monday, May 14, 2007

Um, I Think I May Be Pregnant

The top HPT in the picture is 2 days past HCG trigger, The middle HPT is 5 days past trigger, and the bottom HPT is 10 days past HCG booster (today). The doses of the trigger and booster were the same.

Today is:

  • cycle day 27 (my cycles average 25 days)

  • 17 dp trigger

  • 15 dpo/IUI (I should have had my period by now)

  • 10 dp HCG booster (could it still be in my system?)

I ran out of the Dollar Tree tests, so I had to use my "good" test this morning. The only problem with this is that I cannot compare it to yesterday's test (until I go to Dollar Tree to buy more). I can, however, compare it to earlier tests and the result looks quite promising.

My husband is excited (yesterday he was beyond skeptical and kind of a buzz kill when we showed my parents the HPTs at Mother's Day lunch), but he still wants to wait for the result of the blood test because he doesn't trust the HPT result; he fears that the HCG may be tricking us. He says that he is "straddling the edge of excitement" right now and is, "reserving his excitement for after the blood test." I can't blame him, he has been a pessimist since I met him while I am always usually optimistic. Plus, we both like quantifiable evidence to believe in something, though him more than me; I am starting to believe!

I have my job interview in 2 hours and 50 minutes and I slept 2-3 hours at the most last night. I am scared, scared of all of the possibilites, good and bad. I told Iceman this, and he told me that now is not the time for such thoughts, but they are there. Right now I must try to concentrate on....I don't know what.

I will post again after I get the results of the beta.

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Jackie said...

holy crap. those tests are pretty unequivocal. can't wait to hear about your beta!