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I apologize in advance if I offend those of you to whom I am related or close friends. Writing this is my catharsis and has been keeping me (moderately) sane of late.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Real or Memorex?

Holy Fuckin' shit! Today is 15 dp trigger, 8 dp HCG booster, 13 dpo/IUI and that damn line looks darker than yesterday! Is this real? The nurse and the RE told me that I "should" get a reliable result today, but because I have tested every fuckin' day since the HCG booster, and gotten 2 lines every day, I have no idea what's real, what's artificial injection and I cannot get a beta until Monday! Don't they know we cannot wait that long? How can they not do beta tests over the weekend? I need to know now! FUCK! SHIT! I feel like my period is coming and I need some beta numbers, not just a second line.

Somebody help! I NEED A BETA!!!

I have now officially driven myself crazy. I thought doing a test each day was smart, that way I could know when the HCG shots were out of my system, and now I can't even get quantifiable evidence until Monday. Ohhh the agony.

By 7 days past the trigger (top HPT in picture), the line was super faint, almost nonexistent, now I am 8 days past the booster (bottom HPT in picture) and the line is definitely there; looking darker than yesterday (middle HPT in picture). I am beside myself with confusion. I cannot even be happy or sad or anything. Where can I get a beta on a Saturday?

Oh my G-d, this is crazy; I am crazy! Maybe I should do another test? Maybe the same kind, maybe a different kind? I am such a control freak and I need to know now! Not in two days, not on Monday, today, right fuckin' now!

I have no way out except patience and I have long since run out.


RJ said...

Seriously, I think that line *might* be for REAL!!! So, until proven otherwise, you are knocked up!! How strong was the booster? It seems like boosters are quite diluted, which would suggest that that sucker should be out of your system!

(FF lurker)

Jackie said...

I demand that you use another pee-stick tomorrow morning and then post a picture of it compared to the other peesticks. OK, so I've "heard" one is not supposed to keep them and compare them from day to day, but we ALL do it! How freakin' exciting. I hope this is the real deal.
I have had friends who said that they also felt as though they would get a period around the time they were just getting pregnant, so it could be the same for you! Here's hoping...