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I apologize in advance if I offend those of you to whom I am related or close friends. Writing this is my catharsis and has been keeping me (moderately) sane of late.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Baby Bump 15 Weeks 6 Days

This is a picture of me, Iceman, my sister, and my Dad; my mom took the picture. It was taken on Saturday, August 4, 2007 when we were celebrating my dad's 63rd birthday. His birthday is actually 8/6 and we just got back from having dinner and birthday cake at my parent's house. My dad is one lucky duckie to celebrate his birthday twice! I feel one should stretch out his or her birthday celebration as long as possible!

We played Yahtzee and I lost 3 of 4 games. Boo hoo. Iceman beat me twice and my mom beat me once. I love playing Yahtzee, but I am getting a little tired of losing. Iceman and I played 6 or 7 games on my birthday, and he won all of them but one!!!

My mom has really taken to rubbing my belly, which is cute and does not bother me, but she has come super duper close to feeling me up on more than one occasion. I mentioned this to her, but she does not care; she is so thrilled about this baby!

I have not heard from the genetic counselor yet. Come on Mr. Uncooked Noodle; we are waiting!!!

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eatmisery said...

You are absolutely glowing! Pregnancy looks good on you. I, myself, loved being pregnant. If I could do it every year, I would.

Rock on, Mama!