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I apologize in advance if I offend those of you to whom I am related or close friends. Writing this is my catharsis and has been keeping me (moderately) sane of late.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

46 XY

16 Weeks 3 Days (yesterday)
Heartbeat 150

The tests all came back normal! We are having a boy!

I must admit, I was shocked when our OB said that we were having a boy. This is because almost everyone we are close with and see regularly was certain, absolutely certain that we were having a girl. When I called my mom and told her we knew the gender she said, "It's a girl!" I was like, " it's not..." When I called my sister she said, "Is it a girl?" I mean my whole family was sure we were having a girl from the moment of conception. I could tell that my sister was thrilled that we were having a boy, simply thrilled. My mom was just thrilled to know everything was okay; she couldn't care less about the gender. She was so sure we were having a girl, she bought girl stuff already. Now, that is silliness; I didn't even do that, and I saw some cute shit.

I have to say, when we had our first trimester screening ultrasound, I looked at the monitor at our jumping baby and thought, "That is a boy." To me, he looked like a boy even then. I never told anyone this feeling and since then I became convinced that we were having a girl. It is so perfect that we are having a boy because I intended to have an animals and palm trees theme regardless of the gender. I am just not all that into pink, unless it's really bright and bold. I just love the Fisher Price Rainforest collection! I registered for it months ago!!!

I am already thinking about the circumcision. Poor baby.

I sure hope it's true that little boys love their mommies!!

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eatmisery said...

YAY! Iceman must be thrilled!

Little boys always love their mommies. Ask my son.

I'm so happy everything is okay. How do you feel? How's the nausea? Mine always subsided the minute I turned into my second trimester.

Enjoy your pregnancy, good and not so good parts alike. It doesn't last long. Forty weeks of your life is such a short time.

OMG. You're having a boy! OMG. EEEEEEEEEEEEE!