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I apologize in advance if I offend those of you to whom I am related or close friends. Writing this is my catharsis and has been keeping me (moderately) sane of late.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Barack Obama Is the President Elect; I Am Humbled and Awed

I am so heartened that Jem, my 9 month old son, will grow up in a world with the good sense to have elected Barack Obama the forty-fourth president of The United States of America. My cynicism has turned to optimism. A new day has dawned and I am excited and honored to be a part of this historic time.

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Anonymous said...

SOOoOO fucking historic!! wowOWwwwW your son has SOoOo much to be proud of!! thats awesome!!

woOo!! god damn, youre such a fucking moron that you think who the populous of the united states chooses to elect as president is somehow representitive of the world enviorment that your child is going to grow up in? are you that proud of other peoples accomplishments because your own life is so pathetically shallow and utterly hopeless that you choose to pretend Obama is some superhero just because he is black?? I hope your fucking kid drowns in the bathtub.

May Reason overcome your useless and pathetic excitement about living in a 'historic' time. Hey yaknow what was historic about last night? me fucking your mother