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I apologize in advance if I offend those of you to whom I am related or close friends. Writing this is my catharsis and has been keeping me (moderately) sane of late.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Amniocentesis and the Unquenchable Thirst

14 weeks 3 days
Heartbeat after amnio: 189bpm

We had the amnio on Wednesday, July 25, 2007, one day after my 38th birthday. I had read all about the amniocentesis procedure, so I thought that I was as ready as I could be. What I mean by that is, I assumed that there would be some kind of anesthesia involved, at least a topical numbing of some sort. Well, you know what "they" say about assuming (it makes an ass out of u and me); there was NO anesthesia of any kind! Surprisingly, it did not hurt and I am a big, fat baby when it comes to pain, so trust me when I say that there was no pain during the amnio at all. I had significant cramping for 3 days after the procedure, which scared the shit out of me, but no pain during.

I have to say that the Dr. who performed the amnio is terrific! He is the same Dr. that measured our baby's nuchal fold and to me, he is a rock star! If he can stick that barbecue skewer through my abdomen and into my uterus, suck out the requisite amount of amniotic fluid, and pull that skewer out again without a touch of pain, then he is one heck of a Dr. in my book!!

I spent the 30 to 60 seconds that the skewer was in my uterus staring at the ultrasound machine horrified at the thought of watching our babe making a sudden jump into the needle. s/he didn't, s/he stayed as far away from that needle as space would allow! Now I hate to brag, but we have got one smart kid in there!!!

We should know the results a week from today and of course the gender too, which is sooo freakin' exciting. Now everyone close to us thinks we are having a girl, including my father-in law. It will be so great to know for sure.

The day of the amnio, I felt like total shit all day, even before we went in. I was so nauseous that I sat in the waiting room with a Target bag at the ready. What happened to feeling better during the second trimester? So far, I have felt worse! I felt awful for days after the procedure too. I honestly did not feel better until yesterday. I was just so tired, crampy, and I had a constant headache (probably weather related as it was rainy).

After finally feeling better yesterday, I awoke today with the worst migraine I have had in years. I was actually scared something was wrong with the baby or the pregnancy. I was dizzy, had blurred vision, and could barely pick up my head. We called the OB's office and the dr. on call told Iceman that I could take Vicodin. Thank G-d because Tylenol is like eating 2 M & M's to relieve pain; it just does not work for me. Vicodin did not work well when I got migraines regularly, but it helped this time because I have not taken it in so long. When Iceman told the Dr. that I was scared something might be wrong, she said, "Well then go to the emergency room." I am glad she is not my OB! How about ask why I feel that way or inquire as to my symptoms or something. Anyway, Iceman was right, I do feel better.

I must mention that I have an unquenchable thirst that words cannot adequately describe. If I drank all of the water in the picture above this entry, it wouldn't even make a dent in my thirst. The more I drink the thirstier I become. And the worst part is that my thirst is at its most unquenchable at night, so I wake up every hour to pee. I know I should drink less at night, but I simply cannot do that, I am just too damned thirsty.

I want to wish my girlfriend C a big congratulations on her pregnancy with identical twins!!! I am so happy for you, L, and C (and the dogs, cats, and fish too). I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy and I will call you very soon! You are a doll and deserve all the best. I wish you still lived here! I am thinking of you. I want you to know that when I talk about you with my husband, he refers to you as my friend with the flat stomach!!!


eatmisery said...

All that getting up in the middle of the night is going to prepare you very well for when the baby comes.

Sleep now because you won't get much when the baby arrives.

I'm glad the amnio was painless and went well.

mary said...

Hi, do you think your unquenchable thirst at night is caused by the pregnancy? I have the exact same condition - get extremely thirsty at night and all the water in the world can't quench it! But I'm not pregnant. Been tested but doctors still don't know what's going on.....