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I apologize in advance if I offend those of you to whom I am related or close friends. Writing this is my catharsis and has been keeping me (moderately) sane of late.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

169 Beats Per Minute

8 Weeks 3 Days (yesterday 6/13/07)
CRL: 17.6 mm
GA: 8 weeks 2 days

I went to my OB's office last week for blood work and Iceman and I went yesterday for our first appointment with our OB. It is so wonderful to be in the care of this office!!! What a change from the horrible nurse-witches at the RE's office. Following the appointment yesterday I felt terrific, like everything will be okay and that I can handle it all.

I was so excited when they tried to use the Doppler ultrasound (on top of the abdomen), but they could not find the baby. The tech told us it was due to my having a tilted uterus, but I was scared! Back to the trans-vaginal ultrasound. I panicked a bit until she found the baby. Then I panicked until I saw the little heart beating, then I cried when I saw the arm! I was so shocked; I screamed out, "I see the arm, I see the arm!" Then I wasn't sure, so I asked if it really was the arm and it was!! Then I saw the leg and I was thrilled; this is our baby!!! Awesome! I told iceman and the tech, "I have looked at many ultrasounds of other people's kids and I never knew what I was looking at. I knew immediately when I saw my kid's arm and leg!" It was beyond words awe inspiring!

Iceman thinks the baby looks like a teddy bear and the tech agreed with him. I think s/he looks like a real baby already and that is pretty darn cool.

Every one we know tells us their gender opinion... "Your having a boy." or "Wendy's having a girl." Hmmmm. It's funny how there is never an "I think" it is always a definite. I only mention this 'cause I think it's a little strange that people are so sure about their opinion, but nice that people care enough about our pregnancy to give a shit whether we are having a boy or girl. Personally, I change my mind about the gender multiple times a day. It will be awesome when we find out, then I can start spending ($ we don't have). I did buy two pairs of Cubs booties yesterday. They were on sale and since our bundle will be born in the winter, s/he will need warm booties. This is the second purchase I have made for the baby. The first was a rocking stuffed elephant. There was only one left and I had to have it!!!

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